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Founded in 2016 through the mining development company Champion Iron, Quebec Iron Ore is a 100% Quebec-based entity managed by experts from Quebec. The company was mandated to direct the relaunch of the Bloom Lake Mine, a Champion Iron flagship project in Fermont, in northern Quebec.


Produce responsible materials with ingenuity, caring and inclusivity to reduce the carbon footprint with and for those who seek change.




Develop a collective sense of belonging in all spheres of iron ore mining.



Leverage employee creativity and expertise to achieve and maintain efficient practices aimed at operational excellence.



Respect for people, resources, the environment, safety standards, partnerships and equipment.



Promote transparent communications through active listening and open dialogue.

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Message from our CEO

On January 27, 2016, we announced that Champion Iron Limited received approval from the Superior Court for the offer to purchase the mining and rail assets of the Bloom Lake Mine. This was great news for the company, our employees and our shareholders. This represented a fundamental step in the future of Champion and an important step toward the development of Quebec’s Plan Nord.

This investment came at a turbulent period in the commodity sector, particularly in the iron ore market. Despite a short-lived correction in the iron ore market, we were always confident in the ability of Bloom Lake to economically produce a quality product as the property benefits from billions of dollars in investment.

The acquisition of the Bloom Lake Mine would not have been possible without the Government of Quebec and its investment directly into both Champion Iron and Quebec Iron Ore, in addition to their direct purchase of the Pointe-Noire Port facility. The vision of the Government to re-establish the North Shore as an important hub for the proposed Plan Nord is critical to the development of the region.

We have now proven our operational strength by successfully recommissioning Bloom Lake. Not only have we broken historical record productions, but significantly reduced operating costs. With billions of tonnes in identified resources near our flagship asset, we are in a position of strength to consider organic growth opportunities for years to come.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the management, we are thankful to the commitment of our employees. Your cumulative efforts result in a sustainable mining company positioned with unlimited opportunities. I look forward to seeing our employees flourish along with our company as we follow our core values, focused on great care, respect and compassion. Together, we will achieve new levels of success.

David Cataford

David Cataford,