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Our Innu partners

QIO and the First Nations:
a strong partnership!

Message from the CEO

« We proudly maintain relationships with our Innu partners based on mutual respect and trust. It is also a privilege to be able to count on the expertise of the First Nations members on our team.

Thank you for your support on the Bloom Lake iron mine project! »

David Cataford

David Cataford,

Our ‘’wall’’ of precious
Innu partners!

UISHT Construction inc.
Utshu Construction inc.
Unipek S.E.N.C.
Innu Béton
Caméléon Entretien
Metshu S.E.N.C.
Groupe Amun Solution
Vitrerie Shakashtueu
Innu Projets Ressources
Construction Tshiuetin inc.
Asham Construction S.E.N.C.
Shakashtueu Hydraulique inc.
Côte-Nord Sanitation inc.

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