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Michael O’Keeffe - Minerai de fer Québec

Michael O’Keeffe
Executive Chairman of the Board

A metallurgist by training, Michael is executive chairman and chief executive officer of Champion Iron, the company behind Quebec Iron Ore. His vast knowledge of the mining industry and its issues, as well as his extensive experience managing large companies, have made him a world-renowned expert in mining.

Michelle Cormier - Minerai de fer Québec

Michelle Cormier

As CPA and CA, Michelle has vast experience in senior management in corporate strategy, finance, human resources and reorganization. She is an operating partner for the Quebec-based investments of Wynnchurch Capital (Canada) Ltd., a $2.3 billion private equity fund.

Andrew J. Love, FCA. - Minerai de fer Québec

Andrew J. Love, FCA.

Andrew is a well-respected chartered accountant with more than 30 years of experience in reorganizing and redesigning companies in Australia. He also has over 25 years experience as a consultant to public companies in a wide range of sectors, particularly the mining and resource industries.

Gaston Morin - Minerai de fer Québec

Gaston Morin

A Harvard Business School graduate with a master’s degree in mining engineering from Laval University, Gaston has had an illustrious career in the Canadian mining industry. He has held executive positions at several large companies and has served as chairman of the board for the Quebec Mining Association.

Amyot Choquette - Minerai de fer Québec

Amyot Choquette

As CPA and CA, Amyot has over 20 years of experience in financing and investment for various Quebec industries, including more than 15 years in the mining sector. Throughout his career, Amyot has overseen and participated in a number of major financing packages. Appointed by Ressources Québec, Amyot has a $1.5 billion budget to support Quebec’s mining sector.

Our management team

David Cataford, ing. - Minerai de fer Québec

David Cataford, ing.
Chief Executive Officer

David has a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering from Laval University and has held several senior management positions in major mining companies in Quebec. His vast knowledge of Quebec iron ore and issues related to mining activities in the Labrador Trough led him to manage operations at Quebec Iron Ore. He also serves on the board of the Canadian Mineral Processors.

François Lafrenière - Minerai de fer Québec

François Lafrenière
Environmental Manager

François is a specialist in mining environments since 2007 and holds a master degree covering heavy metals in the environment from Montreal University. He has worked on nearly 150 environmental characterization and rehabilitation projects on industrial and commercial sites. Coauthor of a patent for treatment of contaminated soil, he constantly strives for continuous improvement through innovative environmental awareness programs.

Alexandre Belleau - Minerai de fer Québec

Alexandre Belleau
Project Manager

A mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Sherbrooke, Alexandre is an entrepreneur passionate about business development and project management. His diverse experience in companies of all sizes drives him to undertake new projects on solid ground for Quebec Iron Ore.

Marc Therriault - Minerai de fer Québec

Marc Therriault
Human Resources Manager

Marc began his career in 1988 primarily in heavy industry, where he held various positions related to the management of human resources, operations and maintenance. He has worked in the mining field since 2013 and is especially interested in executive development, which makes him an important resource within the company’s management team.