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David Cataford, ing. - Minerai de fer Québec

David Cataford, ing.

David has a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering from Laval University and has held several senior management positions in major mining companies in Quebec. His vast knowledge of Quebec iron ore and issues related to mining activities in the Labrador Trough led him to manage operations at Quebec Iron Ore. He also serves on the board of the Canadian Mineral Processors.

François Lafrenière - Minerai de fer Québec

François Lafrenière
Environmental Manager

Following studies in geology and environment, Mr. Lafrenière has held senior management positions for over fifteen years in various industrial projects. Driven by his passion for sustainable development, he aims at developing innovative approaches to mining production while ensuring their viability and respect of social and environmental responsibilities.

Alexandre Belleau - Minerai de fer Québec

Alexandre Belleau
General Manager, Projects & Innovation

Alexandre joined the team in 2016, right at the beginning of the QIO adventure. With his career as entrepreneur in various lines of business, Alexandre’s versatility allowed him to successfully head the restart of Bloom Lake. Alexandre is closely involved in many aspects of the company where logistics, operations, human resources and financing, among others, all benefit from his expertise in business development and project management.

Alexandre holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from the Université de Sherbrooke and is an executive member of the Quebec Mining Association.