Our sustainability achievements

Our structure, values, policies and our commitment to sustainability have given rise to many achievements since 2016.

Our intentions: to minimize our impact and actively collaborate with host communities.

These concrete actions to fight climate change, improve biodiversity and the well-being of individuals and communities make us even more proud of our iron.


Summer Solstice Festival


In 2019, the Innu community, Fermont citizens and Quebec Iron Ore employees forged connections at a unifying event organized by the company to celebrate the longest day of the year and the arrival…

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Redevelopment of brook trout habitat


Large-scale work was carried out over a five-week period to give brook trout, also known as speckled trout, as well as other fish species such as longnose sucker, longnose dace and burbot, a habitat that will help them better reproduce in the Lac Perchard Outfall, a waterway that runs through the town of Fermont.

Major reduction of greenhouse gases in the operating chain


QIO recognizes the importance of optimizing the energy efficiency of its operations to minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and contribute to the global battle against climate change. With this in mind, the company…

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Helping Atlantic Salmon on Quebec’s North Shore


For six weeks, Quebec Iron Ore carried out a major operation to clear a passage blocked by a rocky mass in the Mistassini River. The goal was to encourage Atlantic salmon to come back to the river and to give them access to upstream habitats.

The results? Improved reproductive conditions for this fish, classified a species of concern in the sector, and a significant increase in its average population.