The Environment

A pioneering environmental
approach in the industry

To ensure environmentally sound development and to minimize the impact of its large-scale projects, Quebec Iron Ore creates and integrates effective environmental management programs into its activities.

Some environmental protection examples since the acquisition of Bloom Lake Mine

  • Investment of nearly $1 million to improve the site’s water management infrastructure, thereby increasing efforts to protect surrounding aquatic areas.
  • Program to replace equipment using fossil fuels with systems powered by renewable energy sources.
  • An environmental protection program applicable to all suppliers to ensure consistently high standards of environmental care and prevention.
  • Implementation of infrastructure to better control dust emissions from the mining site.

A well-established culture of prevention

The key to decreasing potential impacts is establishing and maintaining an environmental prevention and protection program.

Quebec Iron Ore has implemented the Take 5 for the Environment program, an action plan that identifies environmental risks related to a specific task before it’s completed. The program consists of five steps:


Stop and think
about the steps of the task.




the risks.


the risks.


Accomplish the work while preventing environmental risks.

Focus on the protection of biological diversity

Quebec Iron Ore also developed programs that facilitate maintenance of species, ecosystems and natural processes. Some examples:

  • Upgrading the Mistassini River as part of the North Shore Atlantic salmon enhancement program by recreating habitats downstream of the falls and restoring the river’s waterfall for the salmon
  • Enhancement of brook trout habitats in the former Jeannine Lake mine sector, by increasing spawning, rearing, rest and feeding areas
  • Reorganization of a channel on the Bloom Lake Mine site to allow passage of fish at all times through two natural water bodies